Workshops: These 3-hour events are an extremely efficient and saturated means of getting the best of evidence-based practice, along with practical applications – rich learning and fun in vivo! Workshops are run by Kathleen Kelava, occurring on Saturdays from 9 am – 12 pm, onsite at Pinnacle Psych. Please email Kathleen directly to register ([email protected]).

·       Parenting, Sanity, and Victories: Let’s discuss ways to do parenting in a way that provides connection, accountability, direction, and troubleshooting for everyone involved! Parenting is tough – so is being parented. Let’s get a solid plan and positive outcomes for ourselves and our itty bitty ones. Topics explored include: 

  • Identification of relationship as key
  • Understanding of parenting styles
  • Infusion of Self-Determination Theory (SDT)
  • Utilization of forced choices
  • Implementation of growth mindsets
  • Reflection on engendering resilience
  • Discussion of how to manage challenging behaviours
  • Examination of being a “good-enough parent”

·       Minimalism and Streamlining: Find ways to curate your existing life, to make it more manageable and seamless. Let’s get rid of the excess and unnecessary, and leave only what is value-added. This workshop will provide a conceptual framework as well as a robust menu of options – let’s keep it sleek, selective, and streamlined! Topics explored include:

  • Defining what is valued-added
  • Reflecting on the different forms of clutter
  • Examining alignment in values and actions/environment
  • Identifying limiting beliefs holding us back
  • Discussing decision fatigue
  • Evaluating time sumps and inefficiencies
  • Optimizing cost-benefit aspects in our lives

·       Life Curating with Vision Boards: Let’s harness our inner creative gurus, in order to enrich our understanding of ourselves – goals, curiosities, possibilities – along with a creative and interactive template to evolve and to “get there.” Topics explored include:

  • Identifying values and assessing their current alignment in our lives
  • Reflecting on effective and individual ways to goal-set
  • Extracting and utilizing creative elements of our journeys
  • Anchoring our strengths to promote traction and vision
  • Mitigating self-limiting beliefs
  • Exploring barriers and options to overcome
  • Examining growth mindsets and actions