Calgary Psycho-Educational Assessment

Psycho-Educational Assessment in Calgary

Are you interested in scheduling a psycho-educational assessment? Continue reading to learn more about this service offered.
Assessments can also be conducted for any of the following domains (cognitive, academic, and social/emotional/ behavioural), individually or collectively.

Cognitive, Academic, & Social/Emotional/Behavioural

psycho educational assessment in calgary

At Pinnacle Psych, we offer psycho-educational assessments in Calgary for patients aged 5 and up. Our psycho-educational assessments are focused on treatment planning and a path forward- both key factors in optimal learning.

Our comprehensive psycho-educational assessments in Calgary include academic, cognitive, and emotional/social/behavioral testing, interpretation, and resulting profiles. This comprehensive approach allows us to understand both the current and overall picture of what might be happening in our clients’ lives, informing useful and effective recommendations. Our team is highly skilled at helping our clients and their families understand what their results mean.

The turnaround times for our assessment are typically quick, and we understand how difficult it can be to reach out, and the relief one feels when they finally get some answers. Often, there are time-sensitive events as well, such as upcoming exams, transitions from levels of schooling, and application deadlines. Be sure to discuss with us timing and scheduling so that we can meet your needs.

Receiving Psycho-Educational Assessments

At Pinnacle Psych, we are happy to provide psycho-educational assessments in Calgary to ensure your children are provided with resources and treatment plans to achieve optimal education.

If you’re looking to receive psycho-educational assessments near you, please contact us to schedule a consultation. We offer Calgary psycho-educational assessments that are not limited to children. Adults are welcome to schedule a session as well! Our assessments are very comprehensive and include:

  • Cognitive testing
  • Social, emotional, or behavioural testing
  • Academic testing
  • Resulting profiles
  • Interpretation

These tests help our team develop a bigger picture of what is going on and allows us to provide effective treatment plans. We are dedicated to helping each client improve and achieve learning success. If you have a specific deadline you would like to meet, please speak to Kathleen. We will be happy to arrange a schedule according to your specific needs.

It’s not always easy reaching out, but our team at Pinnacle Psych will do our best to ensure you get the answers and solutions you’re seeking. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about receiving psycho-educational assessments in Calgary.