Family Law - Family Restructuring Therapy (FRT) in Calgary

Family Restructuring Therapy (FRT): As part of her work with Alberta Justice, and also offered privately, Kathleen offers FRT, which is a form of Brief Conflict Intervention aimed at finding new ways for family members to interact and function within their family systems – no matter what the configuration. Kathleen promotes a no-nonsense approach to serving the best interests of those beautiful beings at the hub of the family: the kiddos. Kathleen has completed additional training in this area, which, coupled with her policing experience, makes her very effective in high-conflict family dynamics.

Kathleen is trained in offering FRT, which is a proactive, no-nonsense, tailored, and effective Practice Note 7 approach to untangling tricky family dynamics that are causing extra stress, tension, and dysfunction in multiple-home/configuration families. Let’s figure out some of the main logistics (i.e., communication, consistency) impacting the family unit – fairly, transparently, and constructively. This type of work is often essential in avoiding some of the more tedious, expensive, and draining interventions and assessments that often end up being required in high-conflict separation/divorce situations. Let’s get a handle on things before they get out of control.