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kathleen kelava

Hello! I’m Kathleen Kelava

Registered Psychologist (#4818), BComm, MC

Kathleen appreciates a “tough-love” approach, wherein her clients and their support systems are tasked with stepping outside their comfort zones, under an empathetic, skillful, and purposeful mandate of improving their lived experiences. She is there with, and on behalf of, her clients as they navigate their personal odysseys.

Psychological Counselling & Assessment Service in Calgary

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Client-Centred care

The Psychologists at Pinnacle Psych understand the importance of catering to a client’s specific set of needs to ensure the sessions are productive with a healthy flow of communication. Our Psychologists near you appreciate a “tough-love” approach, while also taking patient comfort & readiness into consideration throughout the work.

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Wide Range of Treatments

Our Psychologists near you focus on a variety of practice areas such as anxiety, depression, Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disabilities (LD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), family dynamics, Tourette’s Syndrome and Tic Disorders, substance use and addiction, trauma and more.

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Flexible Session Schedule

When it comes to scheduling your next session, the Psychologists at Pinnacle Psych offer flexibility to clients, 7 days a week, to allow for booking that accommodate their day-to-day and work best for their schedules. To book a session, reach out to our Psychologists in Calgary today!


Pinnacle Psych delivers top-quality full-service counselling, assessment, and consulting services to individuals, couples, families, schools, organizations, and corporations. We offer a full-service menu, coupled with boutique finesse, and help break down the barriers that prevent excellence in our clients’ lived experience.


The difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is that psychologists near you deal with the emotions of a human being. The psychiatrist gives medication and treatments. Read more
When you're feeling lost or struggling to cope, a psychologist near you can provide the support and guidance you need to get through tough times. At Pinnacle Psych, we can help you understand your thoughts and feelings and make positive changes in your life.
It depends on the severity of your issue, how long you've been dealing with it, and how well you respond to therapy. If you're dealing with a relatively minor issue, a few sessions may be all you need. If you've been dealing with something for a long time, or if it's a more severe issue, you may need more sessions. The important thing is to stay focused and committed to the process and to work with your therapist in Calgary to figure out what's best for you.
  • Neurodivergent
  • Overwhelmed
  • Disoriented
  • Burnt-out
  • Disheartened
  • Perplexed
  • Stuck
  • Stagnant
  • Not-feeling-quite-right?
Pinnacle Psych is Your Answer. Let’s do this.
  • Parents who are feeling lost and defeated
  • Professionals seeking balance and achievement
  • Families seeking synergy, validation, and relief
  • Children seeking a safe space to figure things out
  • People wondering about diagnoses
  • Humans seeking understanding and direction
The counsellor's role as a family therapist is to support and guide families experiencing difficulties. The counselor helps families identify and resolve issues causing tension and conflict. The counselor also works with families to develop healthy communication and problem-solving skills.
Cognitive behavioral therapists (CBT) work with people to help them understand and change their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. CBT can be used to treat a wide range of mental health problems, including anxiety and depression.
A psycho-educational assessment is an evaluation conducted by a professional such as a psychologist in Calgary to determine if an individual has any learning disabilities or other psychological issues that could interfere with their ability to function in school or other aspects of their life.
At Pinnacle Psych, we get how cruel and frustrating it can be when someone finally has the courage and opportunity to genuinely ask for help…only to be told to wait 2-12 months for someone qualified to even look at it. Not cool. Not fair. Not ethical. Not effective. Even a couple of weeks is inadequate response time. You need help when you need help, and you need someone to meet you at and in that moment. This is why, at Pinnacle Psych, we offer same-day triage. We will get a sense of what’s going on, and how we can help in the most effective and timely way possible. How’s that for responsiveness!