Social-Emotional Behavioural Assessment in Calgary

Social-emotional and behavioural assessments help to provide a comprehensive understanding of how your child is doing across multiple areas of psychological functioning. This type of assessment is helpful if you feel that your child is struggling in any of the following areas:

  • Anxiety
  • Sadness/Depression
  • Behavioral challenges (anger, aggression, defiance)
  • Difficulty interacting with others
  • Sustained or focused attention
  • Hyperactivity/Impulsivity
  • School avoidance (ruling out emotional factors)

Standardized assessment scales (parent, teacher and/or child) are used to assess the frequency of maladaptive behaviour, in addition to adaptive behaviour and behavioural strengths that are important for functioning at home and at school, with peers, and in the community.

A child observation, and parent/teacher clinical interviews are also completed to help gain a full understanding of your child’s developmental history, as well as how they are currently presenting across environments. Any pertinent documentation, such as previous psychological or medical reports, and school reports/notes are also reviewed.

A social-emotional and behavioural assessment can also be added to a cognitive/learning assessment to help rule out factors that may be impacting your child’s classroom functioning.