Welcome to Pinnacle Psych’s Bursary Program! At Pinnacle Psych, we understand that the price of therapy can make the experience inaccessible for some. Kathleen created this bursary program to help support clients who would like to engage in therapy, but for whom the full-price fee is a real barrier. Kathleen has created all of the artwork showcased here, and is donating the entirety of proceeds to the Pinnacle Psych Bursary Program. If you would like to purchase a piece of art made by Kathleen, please email her to make arrangements at kathleen@pinnaclepsych.ca

Price list:

Mystical Tree: Sold ($250)
Geometric: Sold ($300)
Lamps 2: Sold ($225)
Geometric Leaves: Sold ($300)
Tree Swirls: $175
Lamps 1: $225
Electric Tree: $175
Tree Sway: $200
Angel Lady: $175
Whimsical Flow: $275
Volcano Mayhem: $275