Over the course of the last few years especially, more and more attention has been placed on mental health. Taking steps each day to keep our minds healthy is just as important as maintaining the health of the rest of our bodies. With that said, three terms that often circulate across mental health discussions are counselor, therapist, and psychologist. It can be easy to mix up these words because of how similar they appear to be, as well as by how liberally they can be thrown around. It’s extremely important to understand the differences in what these terms represent, in order to educate yourself and ensure you are receiving appropriate and effective care from the proper type of clinician. For more information on mental health services, get in touch with our practice today. We are happy to help you create a wellness plan that addresses areas of need, and promotes areas of strength!

A counselor is a broad term that’s often used to describe a professional working within many fields, such as psychology, social work, or medicine. More specifically, mental-health counselors are individuals who help others navigate and take care of their mental well-being. Therapists are often certified health professionals that can provide therapy services to others. There are several types of therapists within the health sector, including mental-health therapists and occupational therapists. Both counselors and therapists implement a variety of tactics to help clients address specific issues that are causing them grief in their daily lives. Often, these individuals have received education and training, and are qualified to deliver the care they offer. However, because the terms counselor and therapist are not protected terms unless accompanied by a formal registration process, anybody can claim to be one. This can open the door for inappropriate and unethical care!

What’s a Registered Psychologist?

Psychologists also work within the realm of mental health, but undergo a rigorous process of education and training, in order to become fully registered. They must have at least a Master’s degree (and often a Doctoral degree), 1600 hours of supervised practical field experience, and have passed 2 written examinations before they can earn official certification issued by the College of Alberta Psychologists – CAP.

Psychologists have extensive expertise regarding mental wellness and are trained to help clients wade through emotional and social processes that impact how we feel about ourselves. Simply put, a Registered Psychologist in Calgary is responsible for identifying, explaining, and helping one alter their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to live more skillfully and effectively. Registered Psychologists provide a multitude of services including, but not limited to, psychotherapy, assessment, and research. A strict code of ethics binds all Registered Psychologists which, in turn, establishes a safe and respectful space for clients to explore their lived experiences.

You deserve to be happy and to experience success, and that starts with taking care of your mental health. Working with a Registered Psychologist here in Alberta can be a life-changing step toward helping you regain the confidence and positivity that you crave. If you’re ready to work with a Registered Psychologist, contact Pinnacle Psych today, or visit our website to book an appointment. You have the power to change your life, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with needing a bit of help to facilitate this progress. In fact, this can be one of the most courageous and important steps you ever take!

We look forward to working with you soon!